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June 12, 2014


We left Ponderosa Campground around 9:30 following the Shoshone River up the mountains.  On our way out of town, we passed Buffalo Bill Cody’s dam project with the mountains reflecting on the water.   That’ll be another day’s trip as we will be back and forth to Cody for supplies.


Cody is about 60 miles from Yellowstone and the ride up is magnificent.


IMG_2783a-Shohone River

The Shoshone River was racing through the canyons as we climbed up to Sylvan Pass.  I think it was a combination of lots of water (snow melt) and dropping in elevation.


Traveling along the reservoir where there were several state parks to camp in.  Scenery was beautiful.




The canyon walls opened to the most interesting rock formations.


Reminded me of kids playing with sand on the beach and when the wet sand is dripped on top of the sand mountains.




We went through the mountain in a long, long tunnel – actually three of them – carved through the mountain.  Plenty high and wide for the RV as I’m sure there are some big fifth wheels coming through this way.



The snow capped mountains loomed above us and then, they were beside us.  Water-falls abound along the side of the road which will be another picturing taking event.  Hard to do it traveling through on the MH.




We arrived at the East Entrance of the Park and let them know we were working this summer in Bridge Bay.  No problem!  We could also have gotten in on our geezer pass!



Sylvan Pass is at 8559’ about 18 miles from the Fishing Bridge entrance to the park.  Cody WY sits at 5016’ so it is a climb of 3500’ to the summit at about a 6-7% grade over 4 ½ miles.


Cold wet stuff on my paws! What is this stuff????
Where’s the air? Need more oxygen!!!


Billy got out to walk on the snow.  Not sure how impressed he was!  However, he kept opening his mouth wide as the oxygen up here is rather thin!



Again a climb up and over,  we began swooping down a 5-6% grade through a burned out forest from some of the summer fires they have had.



Then we were looking down on Yellowstone Lake  with Mt Sheridan towering over it.  It was majestic!

Mt Sheridan over Lake Yelllowstone



Bay Bridge Campground is 28 miles from the East Park entrance.  The scenery continued to impress.  We are sitting at 7,770’ leveling out as we rounded Lake Yellowstone.  To our right we could see steam rising from the thermals (cauldrons) under the ground.   How exciting.

Visitors to the park risk their life and limb for the “perfect” picture.  They dart out from their car which is parked only partially off the road, running across the street with the camera stuck to their faces never looking right or left!  A woman who darted in front of us as we rounded a corner almost had her vacation cut short; not to mention the side of their car almost got creamed!  It’s going to be an interesting summer!!!!!

As we entered Fishing Bridge Campground entrance, we called Betty Ann for an update in directions to where we will be staying.


There are nine loops in the Bay Bridge Campground but only six are open at this time.  Loops G,H,I, have utility issues that are being resolved so the movement of hosts is held up.  We are scheduled to be in “B” loop, but the hosts in “B” loop can’t move to their loop as it is not opened yet.  The solution is for us to be settled in the “employee” area 2 miles from the campground until July when they estimate the work will be complete and we can move down into the campground with our MH.  So, we’ll be patrolling the nine loops by running back and forth between our present site and Loops A-I!  We’re on two days and off six …. How bad is that!

Once we got settled into the site, and Billy took a long walk around sniffing everything, Betty Ann came by to pick us up and give us the grand tour ….. and it was grand!

Whatta wonderful place to spend the summer.