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Our much anticipated trip to Germany to go on a Danube River Cruise finally arrived!  We are booked on the Amadeus Classic department Regensburg and ending up in Budapest.  This was a deal of a deal!  Gate 1 Travel was offering this cruise as a “two for one” because it was the maiden voyage of this river boat on this particular route!  It didn’t take much thinking to grab it up and now we are on our way!



Our flight left Orlando at 1:30PM connecting to a 3:30 flight from Atlanta to Munich.  The flight was a total of 9 hours so I tried to plan at least a seven hour sleep before arrival.   We were able to scoff up bulkhead seats on the Atlanta to Munich flight with only two seats on that side so we settled in quite comfortably.  We were served a fairly tasty dinner and had all the free movies that were offered on the Delta 767.

After dinner and a movie, around 7:30PM, I popped half an Ambien in the hopes of sleeping the rest of the trip.  At 11PM I was still wide awake, so popped the other half in my mouth.  I only dozed fitfully for the remainder of the trip finally dropping into a deeper sleep when Dave tossed ‘breakfast’ into my lap and that was the end of that!  Arrived in Munich at 8:00AM which was 2AM body time.

My memory of going through customs in Munich is hazy – but I do remember the chocolate croissant for breakfast and the rich European coffee.


 Exciting to be in Munich Airport!



MUNICH – April 4, 2011

Once we cleared customs, and before the chocolate croissant, we headed to the ATM to obtain about $100USD in EUROS which was about $70 EU.  The exchange rate was not too favorable, $1.40-$1.60 USD to the EURO.  We were advised to keep small bills for tipping, etc. so went to the Exchange Office to break a $20EURO.  They said they would as a “favor” as they usually don’t do that.  I guess they want to make their money off the exchange rates.

Anyway, we were all set with our tip money, it was 9AM and our bus that was picking us up wasn’t due to be leaving the airport until 12:00.  So, we were happy to see a sign “AMADEUS CLASSIC” and were told we’d be leaving closer to 9:30AM.

This gave us enough time to duck into the coffee shop and get breakfast – chocolate croissant and rich coffee.  Our first bill in Europe was for $13.90EU for breakfast. This gave me enough of a jolt to make my way over to the gathering area for the bus trip to Regensburg.

There were about 30 people on the bus as we departed Munich.  It was overcast and cool with a stiff breeze bringing the wind chill down around 45 degrees.  We were dressed for it and it felt good to have the cold air on our faces. Pulling out of the airport and onto the Autobahn was like pulling out of any airport and getting on any interstate.  Spring was just beginning to show, the trees were lacy with small leaves but the skies were gray and laden – reminded me of New England in April!


We arrived in Regensburg, aboard the “AMADEUS CLASSIC” around 10AM, much earlier than anticipated.  Our rooms were not ready yet, but the gracious crew showed us to the Panorama Room where drinks were available and it was suggested we take a walk around this wonderful town, grab lunch, and return mid-afternoon.  This is exactly what Dave & I did.