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March 27, 2017

Four 1/2 hour drive to Miami to catch our flight to Bordeaux.  Toured the terminal departure building of MIA as we drove the airport loop trying to find out long-term parking.  Finally a left, right left, around the block, left and right we arrived!  Shuttled over to the airport and our day began!

After an 8 hour cramped flight we made it to Madrid. Our Iberia flight left Miami at 11:00 PM and I doubt they could have fit any more seats in the plane. The aisles were so narrow, even in Business Class, you had to proceed through the plane sideways.   Iberia’s program for upgrading to premium seating doesn’t begin until after May but I’m not sure where those seats would be! We were in a two-seat side so that was the silver lining.


Eight hours traveling through the night set my sleeping strategy to better living through pharmaceuticals and I began my ambien promptly upon getting settled in. Dinner, of sorts, was served and largely ignored. As I started to doze off, “crazy leg” set in and my legs took turns spasming so opted for more pharms trying to get past that. Finally exhaustion hit around 1:30 and I was in lala land. Dave was still working his way through it.


About 6AM body time more food was served – a cross between breakfast and lunch that could be, by definition brunch, but didn’t resemble it. I nodded my way through that also. We arrived Madrid at 1:30 Madrid time and I was fully functional.


A long, long upward climb through the tarmac, gangway into the airport led us through customs and security. Note: Dave has his favorite “Happy Heart” knife he carries at all times. Somehow it got through Miami security – good for Dave but somehow disheartening when you think of its security! Security in Madrid glommed right down on it and now “Happy Heart” is spending time in Madrid. Will someone please let Sy know?!?


Another 40 minutes using trains and people movers we were in HJK – our next gate for the 4:45 flight to Bordeaux. I was proud that I actually remember in detail coming through customs this time – as opposed to going through German customs several years ago. (Danube)


Once at HJK, I veered over to a restaurant to get a good cup of coffee and snack. Sat down with my wonderful freshly made café leche and nutella pastry while Dave snacked on his gummy bears from the airline breakfast.


I was fully awake – Dave was somewhere in limbo – so Dave sat with our carry on trying to catch some Z’z while my caffeine buzz propelled me through the duty-free shops.


Flight to Bordeaux left promptly at 4:45. Although a smaller plane, by far, two seats each side, there was great legroom by comparison. I was asleep before we took off and woke up as we landed. Dave managed about 30 minute snooze which is normal for him in his lounge chair at home! Cleared customs again minus the knife and we made our way to departures to figure out how to get to the hotel for the night.