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Our four days at Davidson River CG in Brevard NC were wonderful. This campground has so many memories of my kids growing up camping here and their imprint was throughout the campground as I walked through our favorite sites.


We caught up with our Cascade Lake hosting friends we made five and six years ago and have stayed pretty much in touch with. Geoff and Linda hosted a reunion bringing together people we hadn’t not seen in years. It was great catching up and the evening was too short and we hadn’t told enough stories!

Linda, Sally & Jean
Linda, Sally & Jean


Geoff & Linda headed off to South Africa after the reunion for a double safari! Sally & Jim are hosting at Davidson River for the summer and then heading to South Dakota to get their licenses renewed hoping for a spot north of Seattle just south of Vancouver! Sounds great to me!


Sally & Jim, Judy, Diane & JR


Alice will be at Carolina Beach for the summer and Pete & Jean have settled into Hendersonville heading hiking clubs and whatever else they can get into! Howard & Linda are holding the Discovery Center together … one of my favorite places.


Everyone else was doing well, leading interesting lives and we loved every minute we had together.


Thanks Geoff & Linda and Sally & Jim for putting this together.


Fourth of July warranted a trip up to Broad Street to see the doings.


It was typical small town celebrations that typified what the rest of the nation was experiencing.


We’d be remiss if we passed up a brewery and here was one right down on Broad Street!


A trip to the Bracken Bakery garnered my favorite whole wheat English muffins which really need to be cut into thirds they are so thick.



This area is known for its White Squirrels and apparently the place to be for the solar eclipse later this summer



Back to Davidson to walk the loops. Despite the fact that every campsite in this park (around 180) was occupied, the campground was quiet. The loops are far from each other and the sites are wooded so noise gets absorbed around you and doesn’t carry very far.


Also I believe the kids are worn out at the end of the day from hiking and tubing Davison River as our kids were when we camped there, so evenings are definitely quiet and serene.

IMG_7650We all walked this path along the Davidson River to the swimming hole dozens of times.  The sites are to the left of the path and the river to the right.


Davidson River is a great escape for tubing and trout fishing running right alongside the campground. Back years ago my sister-in-law and I escaped by taking the kids tubes and drifted down the river for some peace while the kids followed us on the path screaming out our names!  Great summers of fun here




When Alex was nine we camped in Appletree Loop and walked down the trail to the English Chapel.  It was early dusk, just the two of us, and we spotted a deer in the path.  It was quite a sight for a nine year old and we crept alongside the building watching the deer until it ran off into the woods.

IMG_7664Billy alerted to a squirrel. His fondest dream is to chase these little animals.  This one happened to be a white squirrel just outside our campsite.


We made our way to the WNC farmer’s market to buy some heirloom tomatoes and wonderful WNC jam.


Then lunch at the Moose Café.


Nothing like their biscuits and apple butter and buttermilk fried chicken breast slathered with white gravy and delicious fresh vegetables in season from the Farmer’s Market.


Soon we were waddling out of there and heading down to Sierra Nevada to finish off our afternoon with beer samplers and hot beer cheese dip and freshly made pretzels.


A destination as well as a brewery – the grounds are beautiful.






A quick drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see our beloved mountains across the landscape.


A trip to Cascade Lake was warranted as it was our fun place where we met our wonderful friends.


Now it is gated with private property signs and a guard living up there keeping people from using the beautiful lakes and grounds.  Cascade Lake was owned by a gentleman called Pickleheimer (?), who owned oohgots property, but the campground was part of the Cascade Electric Company he owned. When it was no longer powering electricity, the property became a campground, still privately owned by Cascade Electric, but managed by the Cradle of Forestry who manages Davidson River and other National Forest CG’s in the area.

Mr Pickleheimer died during our second year of hosting but the CG remained opened for a year or two under the Cradle of Forestry. The land was put in trust to be reserved for public use and it was speculated that the DuPont State Forest which surrounds the CG would take it over and make it a state campground.

It is rumored that each of the Pickelheimer kids got $30M in other estate assets and this property was a separate entity. However, the “P” kids are taking the trust to court because they want the property to develop. It is a beautiful area and would be PRIME development property situated on a spring-fed lake on one side and Cascade Lake on the other. So, while they fight it out in court, it remains closed to everyone!

Good times were had by all who stayed there. I am happy my two grandsons got to enjoy the area while we were volunteering here.

With Cascade Lake out of the picture and Davidson River extremely difficult to get into unless you plan 6 months out, we took a drive up to Toxaway/Cashiers/Highlands to check out some CG’s in that area. Trailing up the roads to three of them and deciding we really wouldn’t want to take the MH up there, we found a gem in Toxaway called Riverbend.

It is a small campground so tricky to get into with repeat visitors who book the summer but it is beautiful. Not in the way of a luxury RV resort but in the beauty of the location, how the grounds are kept and the obvious way they have set up common areas that invite campers to commune together. In fact, at the upper level near a pond they are putting in a tiny home area working on permits for septics, etc. The tiny homes, being built in Tennessee, will be for rent like the CG spaces. We’re hoping to come back here and tuck in for a week or two in the future.


Our last day was spent lazying around and catching up. We had lunch at the luncheonette downtown for the requisite milkshake.





The traffic on Broad was so heavy that I remarked it was heavier than New Smyrna. My little sleepy Brevard NC has turned into a destination. Even the road to Cashiers which was such a twisty, winding road is being straightened as they blast through the mountain to take some of the curves out! That’s progress I guess!


Traffic coming off 276 down the mountain heading into Brevard appeared endless.  There are a lot of people up here in this area.

Had dinner with Jim & Sally and then sat around the campfire catching up on the last few years since we’ve seen them.


Now we’re off to Bardstown KY. Bourbon is on our mind and we’ll visit some of our favorite distilleries to see how they’re doin!

This ain’t no dress rehearsal!  Stay tuned!



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