03/11/2014 Betsy 0Comment

I feel sorry for people who don’t drink.  When they wake up in the morning, that is as good as they are going to feel all day.”  (Wild Turkey Billboard quote attributed to Frank Sinatra)

Bourbon is America’s only native spirit!

Trips need a purpose …..at least for us…. however the purpose isn’t always evident when we start out.  Take for instance Kentucky and bourbon.  I don’t even drink bourbon.  At least, I didn’t!

The first time we visited Kentucky, we concentrated on Horses.  When I think of Kentucky, I think of horses.  After all, the Kentucky Horse Park and the Keene race track and the horse farms are the heart of blue grass country.  Dave however had another purpose in mind … bourbon.    Kentucky Bourbon to be exact.

So, he put up with my horse fixation and I accompanied him to a bourbon distillery.  Our first trip through Kentucky we only made it to one distillery.  An important note here, there are NO distilleries in Bourbon County!  We drove all the way out to Paris, KY, which is a beautiful drive not to be missed, to the Chamber of Commerce building, to find out that the distilleries are not in Bourbon County!  With time drawing short, we headed to the closest distillery to our location, which was Woodford Reserve.


We arrived as the last tour of the distillery was returning to the main building.  Dave was not deterred, however, and headed right for the tasting desk to get his sample.  Even though I did not drink Bourbon, and I didn’t think I’d like bourbon, I obtained the obligatory sample so Dave could have more!  I did, however, gloom down on the bourbon balls and found sipping the bourbon left an interesting taste on my pallet.  Maybe I could get into this.

Unfortunately we didn’t leave much time for distilleries on this trip, so made a vow to come back …. With a purpose … to complete the Bourbon Trail and then some!