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We are!  It’s April 5th and our last day on the cruise.  We are back at the docks in Bordeaux and spent a wonderful, wonderful morning and lunch learning how to cook!  Cannot wait to get the recipes!


We were greeted with a French treat and coffee and then into the cooking school of this restaurant.



The tables had everything we needed to cook our recipes.


A syrup of sugar and water was simmering on the stove


Our first recipe was dessert. Egg yolks beaten with fine ground coconut and whole eggs the hot simple syrup and other ingredients for the bottom.


The “others side” was mixing up avocado, brown sugar, coconut milk, lemon juice and maybe orange juice and what-all.  Bob can be dangerous with an immersion blender although it was Lynn who did all that work.



Chef gave us instructions for the next dish …. chopped red and green peppers with Chorizo chopped mixed in cream cheese folded like a flag in the pastry dough.  Drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled with sesame seed, spices they went into the oven.


Our next course was risotto which the Chef took charge of.


On to prepping the chicken.  Chef showed us how to butterfly the breast and add the ingredients.


Roasted red pepper slices, tarragon, black & green olives and a strip of ricotta, salt & pepper to the chicken breast.


Using a special plastic wrap that can withstand up to 200-250 degrees heat, once we assembled our chicken, we placed it on a piece of plastic wrap and rolled it up making sure the plastic wrap was outside the chicken.  Tying off the ends, we enclosed our package in another piece of plastic wrap to make sure it didn’t leak or take on water.  While we were doing other things, these chicken breasts were poached.


While our delicacies were cooking, we stepped out to the promenade for wine and foe gras!



Not Jeannies!  Bob is doing very well on this trip.  Jeannie is holding hers for him!


Susan & Jane are enjoying the sun and champagne.  Does it get better than this?


Jeannie is also a good pourer!  Last of the champagne and inside we go for lunch.


A Mini Cooper Rally!


These are the little wraps we made with the chorizo.  Delicious.  I was so busy eating I didn’t get any other pictures of food.  The chicken was drizzled with pesto and served with the rice.  The dessert cakes were similar to a creme brûlée only cakier and the avocado sauce was poured over the top.  Just wonderful.

After a great lunch, we waddled on down to the La Cité du Vin, brand new wine museum at the end of the promenade. A very modern structure.


We were given headsets for English and the exhibits had spots that once you touch your device to it, you could understand what was being said.

It is a voyage through time, history and the cultures of the world to learn about wine. It covered wines from all over the world, not just France.  The shape of the building symbolizes the spiral flow of wine swirling in a glass.  The 3,000 iridescent aluminum panels catch and mirror the changing reflections of the adjacent river to which Bordeaux and its wines owe their prominence.

The latest technological innovations are used in the scenography, including 3D images, holograms, smell diffusors, music and other interactive tools. The end result is an immersive, multi-sensory experience accessible via individual handset guides issued to each visitor.  http://www.laciteduvin.com/en

IMG_7556Sit down with an interviewer and a wine producer to learn about their wines!


The top floor (8th) is the wine tasting room.  The ceiling is all wine bottles with lights in them.  Must be beautiful at night.




Wines from all over the world (except the US) were available to taste.  Everyone wondered what Mexican wine tasted like?

A nice walk back down the promenade, a stop in some of the shops along the way, we arrived at the boat to rest up for dinner.

Tonight we are having another special Chef’s Dinner with new wines.

Tomorrow will be an early day; leaving at 6:15 to catch a 9AM flight home.  This has been such a fantastic trip.  Our friends made this trip special.  We fell in love with the Bordeaux region and would like to come back.  There is a new fast train out of Paris that will make it to Bordeaux in 2 hours.  Bordeaux is getting ready for the onslaught to people in Paris who want to relocate to this region.  Better get over here now!

We are blessed!