Out of the midwest, Dave arrived in New Smyrna Beach,  Florida where he stayed!  Although he claims to be “from” Ohio, he admits that he’s lived in Florida longer!  Motivated, Dave can do anything.  This is a very important talent when your sailing across the oceans and also when you’re third home is an RV.   One time, as we were crossing the Gulf Stream, he replaced the alternator on our sailboat.  I remember thinking, as I was sailing around for an hour with all systems down, that it would probably be easier to accomplish this in an RV!   He’s got his Captains license and was devoted to sailing until he wasn’t anymore!  Now he’s devoted to RV’ing which is a good thing!


Out of New England, I moved to Ormond Beach and then on to New Smyrna Beach thirty three years ago.  Worked my 30 years at a major aerospace corporation and escaped to go traveling.   I hate to repeat myself so am the Planner of the group.  I also am the blogger and the photographer so if this blog seems somewhat one-sided, it’s all me!  I am happy sleeping on deck of a boat, crashing on a couch or making my way to a lumpy bed.  It’s all about the experience and less about the amenities.  My family is number one in my life, so I will always be home from November through April to plug in to family and friends.  Other than that, I’m ready to go!  PS I hate to have my picture taken!


Billy Blue – Blue Skies, Blue Grass, Blue Ridge, Blue Waters

Blue Sky      Blue Sea      Blue Grass      Blue Ridge
Blue Sky Blue Sea Blue Grass Blue Ridge

We have always had a dog.  Our Cockapoo, Snoopy, passed away at a ripe old age in 2012 and we weren’t looking to replace him right away.  Hah!  One moment I’m saying, “We will get a dog when we stopped sailing” and the next “If we get another dog, it needs to be a small boat dog!”  Billy was adopted three months after we lost Snoopy from an Animal Rescue Hospital in Seneca South Carolina while we were hosting outside of Brevard NC.  His mommy had been hit by a car right after the litter was born so the litter was taken to the Humane Society then the Animal Rescue got the puppies and fostered them out to families to be bottle fed.  When we met Billy at 7 weeks, he was 2 lbs 7 oz.  His sisters were three times his size.  It was suggested that he had a different father and would not get any bigger than 10 lbs.  We returned the following week and got our Billy, all 3 lbs 1 oz of him!  Well, Billy turned out to be a “Springboard”  — Springer Spaniel/Border Collie mix and we love, love, love him .. all 50 lbs!


We picked up a Class A 35′ Georgie Boy Pursuit when we decided to try our first summer as campground hosts.  Since we did not have a truck and Dave didn’t want to pull a travel trailer, a motorhome seemed the best way to go!  It’s a love/hate relationship with this beast. We have talked, to death, replacing it with a smaller, more compact vehicle, but seem not to get past trying to figure out how to sell her!  So…. we’re in the LOVE category at this moment doing some major upgrades for our next adventure.

I’m far more comfortable on a sailboat than in a motorhome.  The perspective from the passenger’s seat is unsettling and there are times I have to move to the couch rather than gasp and cover my eyes (which is distracting to the driver).  I took a driving class at LazyDays which was fantastic and highly recommended.  At the conclusion of the day, I felt extremely confident driving our motorhome 5 mph around a parking lot.  But that’s me … not the class.  I have driven the MH 40 miles, the whole time with Dave critiquing my driving from the passenger’s seat.  See…..the perspective is different from that side of the MH!



Update: 4/16/14 – The Pursuit is being replaced by a 30′ 2008 WInnebago Sightseer.  Although 5′ shorter than the Pursuit, it feels cozy and right. Dave is hopeful that I will feel comfortable driving this smaller model.  We’ll see!    We’ll be heading cross country to Yellowstone this summer in our Sightseer.

Well, that’s it about us!  We hope you enjoy riding along with our adventures!