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Wow – a plan eventually comes together and we are loaded and ready to go. Amazing!!! Dave’s been working on Spindrift for the past couple of months installing the new wind generator with lots of help from friends and fixing small things along the way.  New mainsail and Mack Pack has been installed as well as a new VHF radio with remote mic in the cockpit.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect morning – winds out of the SE 5-10 kts, clear skies in the 70’s.

Bahamas Bound
Bahamas Bound

We left the New Smyrna Florida dock at 11:15 AM and as Dave set off down the ICW, waving to our friends until we couldn’t see them on dock, I looked down below… aghast! How was I ever going to bring order out of the chaos I was looking at! Our “last of our worldly possessions” were strewn everywhere and I drew memory blanks as to where I stored even the most basic items! I took a deep breath – told myself to keep breathing – we’ve been here before and it was going to be OK!

By the time we were through Edgewater approaching Oak Hill order was wrung out of chaos and our Spindrift was transformed into a cozy home. It’s amazing how much space this boat has!

In Oak Hill we raised the main with 7 kts out of the east and motor sailed down through Haulover Canal to our first anchorage in Titusville. We were hauling butt (as only a sailor would appreciate) at a breathtaking 7.2 kts SOG. Sailed at 6.5 kts with the engine idling.

We arrived at the Titusville anchorage (just outside the marina) at 4:11 PM and laid anchor. Winds were 7.8 kts out of the south and it was beautiful. Since our Boat Dog Snoopy was spending his time chasing horses and barn cats at his “Aunt Mary’s”, we felt a new freedom in choosing where to stop – only constrained by wind, tide and current … which is enough.


Titusville is a perfect anchorage since it’s only affected by the winds and they were gentle. The wind generator is whizzing away, BB King Blues is playing on the satellite radio and we are relaxing to the fullest extent.

Our first at-anchor meal, served topside under a full moon, included fresh asparagus, broccoli and scallions sautéed lightly in butter (did I mention the 5 lbs of butter I brought along??), soy and sesame sauce accompanied by lightly sautéed fresh shrimp all served over quinoas steeped in herbs de Provencal. This meal was accompanied by a Red and/or Clos du

Bois Chardonnay (thanks to the SYC wine club selections from a couple of months ago). Doesn’t get any better than this (and undoubtedly as time goes by, the meals will become more basic!)

Smokey Horizon


We could see a fire west of Titusville.  Fortunately there was an east wind blowing off the water and were not bothered by the smoke. The setting sun reflecting off the water and through the smoke was very pretty. Perfect ending to a great day on the water.